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REVNET 008: AZUCENA KÁNTRIX - Regalos para las Almas 1 (2004)


Today, the last day of January, here at Revolution!!! we celebrate the day of St. John Bosco, Giovanni Bosco or San Juan Bosco, whatever you folks recognize him. He was an italian catholic priest who did a lot of things for the lost children and young girls and boys of his days and beyond.

So we present here the first disc of Azucena Kántrix: track 1 was a live piece we played in an electronic - noisy concert we did in a place here in Los Olivos, North Lima; track 2 was an experiment Paruro and I did in his place in Comas, and then it was mixed and sculpted again by Christian Galarreta.

In the first track, Raúl Jardín also plays some ambient sounds.

So, here you have the first album by the Kántrix boys.


AZUCENA KÁNTRIX - Regalos para las Almas 1

1. Demasiado real para no sentirlo.
2. Explosión

The groop are/were: Christian Galarreta, Raúl Jardín, Wilder Gonzales and Danny Caballero.

Produced in Summer of 2004 by Superspace Records.

¡¡¡Gracias Mil Don Bosco, Salve!!!

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Today is my birthday, so celebrating that fact I decided to put out free for all of you a split between THE ELECTRIC BUTTERFLIES - an ethereal project I had with Roger W. Terrones, around 2005 - and my pretty new group ULTRAVELVET, which is me and Jorge Rivas from Ionaxs and Puna.

I'm sure you will like the dreamy and otherworldly sound of the entire split.

Expect soon more news from Ultravelvet!!!!!!!!

January, 10th

1. ULTRAVELVET : Unicornios de Caral

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REVNET 006 : Stars for the Innocent - It's You and Them (2008)

This is a record by a new band from US. It mixes good atmospheres that can remind you of Spacemen 3 and Slowdive. Fine totems, of course. I listened to it today again and the music really really blew my mind!!!!!!

Thanks Stars.. for sending us your music!!!!

If anyone has a project and want to contribute to the net-label, just email me to: polyluna@hotmail.com




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REVNET 005 : Caminando Sobre Nubes (An American Compilation) (2006)

Yep.. the new net-release of the label is a sampler I put out along with the people of the local music magazine Freak Out! The sampler is called "Caminando Sobre Nubes" (translation: "Walking Above Clouds") and it compiles american bands or proyects into the fields of post-rock, computer music, shoegaze and pyschedelia. The feeling of most of the cd is really ethereal but you can feel also some rupturist sounds and a sort of subversive attitude in it.

compilado de bandas americanas 2006

01. COLORTONE LIBRARY - happenchance - denver, u.s.a.
02. TICA - organodadora - lima, perú
03. TREE WAVE - morning coffe hymn - dallas, u.s.a.
04. DJEF - ravel - santiago, chile
05. CHAIRS - end - delaware, u.s.a.
06. NEW LANDS - out to sea - florida, u.s.a.
07. THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE - swallow tail live - california, u.s.a.
08. STINKY BELLY BUTTON - lazer - guadalajara, mexico
09. THE ELECTRIC BUTTERFLIES - pop song - lima, perú
10. DUELECTRUM - maverick - sao paulo, brazil
11. PISCIS - làarbaluz - guadalajara, mexico
12. ALCALOIDE - love me enemies - la oroya, perú
13. PEZ PLÁTANO - piernazul - lima, perú
14. LOVESLIESCRUSHING - qingl - chicago, u.s.a.
15. AZUCENA KÁNTRIX - inmersión - lima, perú
16. PASTIZAL - al respirar en un andar flotante - lima, perú

"Caminando Sobre Nubes" was firs published by Superspace Records and Freak Out! mag. in March of 2006.

REVNET 004 : Chiste - Civic Education pt. 1

The 4th release of our net-label, Revolution!!!, is a cool production of computer music by 2 chilean electronic artists: Mika Martini & Daniel Jeffs, who played live under the name of CHISTE.




Thanks to Mika and Pueblo Nuevo for this strange record.


CHISTE – Civic Education part 1.

1. Presentation
2. Civic Education, part I a
3. Civic Education, part I b
4. Civic Education, part I c
5. Civic Education, part I d
6. Civic Education, part I e
7. Civic Education, part I f
8. Civic Education, part I g

Total playing: 31:33 min.

“Civic Education, part I” – live electronics improvisation with two laptops by “Chiste” (Mika Martini & Daniel Jeffs). Recorded live (hi-md format) in Teatro Camino, Peñalolen, Santiago de Chile. 16/04/2005

REVNET 003: Evamuss - Puertas de Ruido (1999)

posted in the summer of 2008-

So kind of celebrating the new Autechre double album released this February 2008… here at the Revolution!!! Net-label are proud to present to all of you one of the best electronic albums made in Peru so far… it is “Puertas de Ruido” (“noise gates”) by EVAMUSS.

“Puertas de Ruido” is the first album in Peru, and very possibly in all Latin America, deeply influenced by the sounds of Pan Sonic or Autechre. Some luminescence of the discs “A” or “Chiastic Slide” are present there. But Christian Galarreta (Evamuss) is in charge of giving them new, unheard and unseen forms. All the digital landscapes reflected in this Evamuss’album are futurist, even bionic and sometimes full of bliss. (¡!)

So here in Revolution!!! are very happy to celebrate not only the fantastic new Ae double album -Quaristice- but also the peaceful shiny vibrations of February’s Sun with this real gem: "Puertas de Ruido".


Thanks a lot to Aloardí, Christian and to the always shiny February.


PD: the recording was made in the year 1999 but due to
economic facts it was not released until the year 2000.

Puertas de ruido - Evamuss.
CDR Aloardí 1999

Alo 007

1. Icor
2. Arcoirisa
3. Chiu
4. Riff
5. Auer
6. Po
7. Cruycra
8. Tro
9. Karui

Un viaje completamente ligado a la explotación del ruido como recurso estético. En 55 minutos de duración Evamuss nos muestra lo que esta pasando en la música actualmente: Destructivismo, jazz infantil, ruidismo lúdico y primitivo.

Abre las puertas con Icor descomponiendo polirritmos y melodías que cambian de color constantemente, asignando y desasignando efectos.

Christian crea un movimiento de ritmo chicloso y denso. Estados mentales puros son explorados por medio de ultrasonidos en Arcoirisa, con un goteo casi arpegiado de sonidos aleatorios y percusivos que desembocan en un abrazo de ruido distorsionado, orgánico y dinámico como si algo se moviera dentro de algo.

Las frecuencias agudas no dejan de afectarnos en gran parte del disco, a veces acariciando el infinito (Chiú ), otras de forma totalmente salvaje e intensa como en Tro, o simplemente en blanco: Auer, donde se podría hablar de una arquitectura sonora o de ruido en alto relieve, sonidos que adquieren valor por si mismos.

En Po melodías y ritmos descompuestos transforman el silencio en bajos subsónicos., en agua.

Cruycra te baña de un misticismo infantil con la percusión perdida en el océano, hasta que se deshace. Este colapso lo sentimos de forma mas agresiva en el cuarto track: Riff, que desencadena su ritmo cortante hasta saturar, algo parecido pudimos oír en el "Arritmia ep."

REVNET 002 : Adrián Juárez - Las Aguas Curativas (2008)

Well, so here is our 2nd virtual disc.

It is an album made by a friend from La Plata, Argentina: ADRIÁN JUÁREZ. His disc is called: “Las Aguas Curativas” (which means: “The Curative Waters”).

"Las Aguas Curativas" is a nice trip into digital electronica and even some weird acoustic experimental atmospheres –touched by a sublime female voice in the third and last track- that I'm sure will make you feel you are really “beyond the pale”. Another achievement of the South-American scene. ;)

ADRIÁN JUÁREZ - Las Aguas Curativas

1. Las Aguas Curativas I
2. Las Aguas Curativas II (con Yagui Quintero)
3. Las Aguas Curativas III (con Bruno Nanino y Yasemin Kardesler)

REVNET 001: La Confitería es la Mejor de las Religiones

"Reality is that which,when you stop believing in it,doesn't go away." -pkd

"Sometimes the appropriate response to realityis to go insane." -pkd

So here is the first release of the Revolution!!! Net-label.

It's a jamming played in 1998 – wow!, that is exactly 11 years ago – by FRACTAL, EVAMUSS, JARDÍN and M.A.R.U.J.A. at the Cuarto Azul studio, located in Comas (North Lima, Perú)

The disc is called LA CONFITERÍA ES LA MEJOR DE LAS RELIGIONES (translation: THE CONFECTIONERY IS THE BEST OF THE RELIGIONS). Nice title of course… although it was released in 2002 by Aloardí… I guess it is still an obscure document for everybody, that's why I decided "The confectionery..." to be the 1st title of the REVNET catalogue. So come in to this universe and have a great time with us.

Evamuss – Fractal – Jardín – M.a.r.u.j.a.


1. Fresa Intravenosa
2. Carolina Letal
3. Chocomel
4. Suicidio Menta


Over and Out.

Wilder Gonzales Agreda.


PD: Can’t you hear the Aquarius’ Heaven?!

Welcome to Revolution!!!

Hi to everybody!!!

So as part of the blog PeruAvantgarde we are beginning the blog for our net-label: REVOLUTION!!!

Here you will find the links to all our net-releases.

Revolution!!! the net-label covers independent music from the always loved psychedelic sounds to complex electronic abstractions, isolationism, the shiny ethereal-noise and so on...

We are really proud to offer you such valuable discs like EVAMUSS, ADRIÁN JUÁREZ, LA CONFITERÍA ES LA MEJOR DE LAS RELIGIONES et. al.

So come inside this new project and let it flow through your soul)))
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