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REVNET 008: AZUCENA KÁNTRIX - Regalos para las Almas 1 (2004)


Today, the last day of January, here at Revolution!!! we celebrate the day of St. John Bosco, Giovanni Bosco or San Juan Bosco, whatever you folks recognize him. He was an italian catholic priest who did a lot of things for the lost children and young girls and boys of his days and beyond.

So we present here the first disc of Azucena Kántrix: track 1 was a live piece we played in an electronic - noisy concert we did in a place here in Los Olivos, North Lima; track 2 was an experiment Paruro and I did in his place in Comas, and then it was mixed and sculpted again by Christian Galarreta.

In the first track, Raúl Jardín also plays some ambient sounds.

So, here you have the first album by the Kántrix boys.


AZUCENA KÁNTRIX - Regalos para las Almas 1

1. Demasiado real para no sentirlo.
2. Explosión

The groop are/were: Christian Galarreta, Raúl Jardín, Wilder Gonzales and Danny Caballero.

Produced in Summer of 2004 by Superspace Records.

¡¡¡Gracias Mil Don Bosco, Salve!!!

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