jueves, 1 de enero de 2009

REVNET 002 : Adrián Juárez - Las Aguas Curativas (2008)

Well, so here is our 2nd virtual disc.

It is an album made by a friend from La Plata, Argentina: ADRIÁN JUÁREZ. His disc is called: “Las Aguas Curativas” (which means: “The Curative Waters”).

"Las Aguas Curativas" is a nice trip into digital electronica and even some weird acoustic experimental atmospheres –touched by a sublime female voice in the third and last track- that I'm sure will make you feel you are really “beyond the pale”. Another achievement of the South-American scene. ;)

ADRIÁN JUÁREZ - Las Aguas Curativas

1. Las Aguas Curativas I
2. Las Aguas Curativas II (con Yagui Quintero)
3. Las Aguas Curativas III (con Bruno Nanino y Yasemin Kardesler)

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