sábado, 21 de mayo de 2011

REVNET 023 - RAYMI 3 - A compilation of Superspace Records (2011)

Here in Revolution!!! the net-label are very proud to give you the last compilation by the local label Superspace Records focused on neopsychedelia and vanguardism celebrating its 8 years of activism and musical magic.12 peruvian acts that represent the state of art in the fields of vanguard, pop and ethereal-noise here in Perú and SouthAmerica.

Take your best joint or substance and fly through the endless space of Superspace ))))))


1. Sounds of Salomon Jedidias & Space Rock - Rebel On You Keep Up/Mantente Firme
2. Antártika - Ojos Azul Verdes
3. Hipnoascensión - No Sex = No Love
4. Pastizal - Indiferente
5. Catervas - Entre Las Calles
6. The Electric Butterflies - Pop Song
7. Tica - Coraxón Xufrido
8. Fractal - Niña Flor
9. Lunik - Iceye
10. Leche Plus - Viajero Espacial
11. Apolo & Fractal - Más Allá Del Sol
12. Martelenor - Larga Miseria

Peruvian psychedelic, shoegazer and post-rock bands. Very good!
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