jueves, 2 de septiembre de 2010

REVNET 022 - STARS FOR THE INNOCENT - When you looked up, I looked down EP

Hey folks,

so here in Revolution!!! are very proud to offer you another exciting work by the american nu-gaze project STARS FOR THE INNOCENT. This time is a disc full of waves of white noise and mesmerising atmospheres for your beautiful brains :)

This is what the band have to say about it:

'When you looked up, I looked down E.P' was originally intended to be released on an independent label back in 2009 in cassette format (each side lasting about 19 mins each) but unfortunately this dream did not come true. Because of this situation, this release was mastered for that format. All levels were turned up so hot that clipping artifacts were created. !!!THIS WAS INTENTIONAL!!! Like all shoegaze/noisegaze music, heavy reverb is found throughout the entire recording of this album creating a wall of intense white noise.

Please enjoy this release of mine. May your speakers and ears bleed with murderous white noise!

Play loud,
Stars for the Innocent
(Jake Freeman)

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