sábado, 1 de agosto de 2009

REVNET 015 - HIPNOASCENSIÓN : Mixtura [demo] (2000)

So we begin August with a new Revolution!!!'s release, it comes with the peruvian psych post-rockers HIPNOASCENSIÓN. We present this time their second demo, "Mixtura", which was released 9 years ago and was sculpted with the acid vibrations of such influences as Can, Alpha Stone, Spiritualized, et. al.

We are pretty sure all of you will value this real peruvian gem.

Over and out_



1. mixtura
2. malawua
3. emisario
4. antena
5. malawua
6. antena
7. verde

Hipnoascensión Second Part

Juan Roldán (guitar)
Danny Caballero (guitar)
Carlos Mariño (bass)
Neto (drums)

Produced in Lima, Perú by Hipnoascensión.
Released on June, 2000.

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