miércoles, 23 de octubre de 2013

REVNET 012: SAY SOL - Peruvian Vanguard Comp (2009) [RE-UP!!!!]

Hello beautiful dreamers)))))))

It's been some long time since I don't post on this Revolution! blog. Well, I've been mostly dedicated to PeruAvantgarde -my main blog- and Paraíso Vacío -another blog of mine- alongside my own music creations but all these years some people have emailed me asking me for the "Say Sol" compilation that was lost because of a broken link on old rapidshare. So now as I am enjoying this sampler I did especially for this Revolution! blog I am re-posting it again.

So that's all for now dreamers..::::. As always, keep the ethereal dreams shining)))))))))))

"hey, as this disc demonstrates, we have 5000 years of sunshine and beyond"


Peruvian Vanguard Compilation

1. SILVANIA - Trilce (1993)
2. EVAMUSS - io ea ioao (1997)
3. AVALONIA - Avalonia (1996)
4. ESPIRA - Anden (1997)
5. HIPNOASCENSIÓN - Gran Sol (2008)
6. FRACTAL - Soy Tuyo Señor (1998)
7. SILVANIA - Eesal (1995)
8. GIRÁLEA - Luz fin (1999)
9. EVAMUSS - Chinco (1999)
10. TICA - Vox horrísona (2008)

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